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Big thanks to Mike Usinger at the Georgia Straight for reviewing Night Night Rock.

Here is the review:

Because the world is by and large a disgustingly miserable place, it’s amazing how upbeat some folks manage to be. Take, for example, the folk-rooted Teapot Hill.

Based on its title alone, Night Night Rock sounds like either a long lost ’80s hair-metal release or an album aimed at...

So who new that September 18th would be so good to Teapot Hill. We didn't. Why so good you ask? Heres why:

We're all super stoked that our new album Night Night Rock as been getting played all over canada (even showing up on the charts in a few places!), along with the airplay we now have our first review. The wonderful folks running Argue Job wrote some really nice things about the album. Here is a quote from the review: