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Teapot Hill is a Vancouver singer- songwriter collective, combining early 70’s folk and pop influences into a modern indie rock sound. Vocals are at the heart of everything Teapot Hill does- their multi-part harmonies soar over lush sonic arrangements. Violin player Zuzia Juszkiewicz (Dear Suzy), bassist Matthew Friesen (Dove), guitar player Eva Prkachin (The Dazzlebrights, Jr.affe), acoustic guitarist Ryan Wugalter (Jump + Dash), and drummer Erik Hermans (Paul is Dead, Jump + Dash) come together to deliver tight, melody-driven pop songs that have been receiving praise from audiences and tastemakers alike.

The band has played numerous shows and festivals such as ArtsWells, Jam in Jubilee, and FĂȘte de la Musique. Through their travels they have shared the stage with Fish & Bird, Oh No Yoko, Morlove, F&M, Geoff Berner, Dave Bidini, Familia and Courtney Wing. In August 2011, Teapot Hill began work on their first full-length album with producer Jordan Koop (Mohawk odge, You Say Party We Say Die). The album was recorded at The Noise Floor Studio in Ladysmith in the fall of 2011.

Night Night Rock was released on May 29, 2012. It has received radio play from coast to coast across Canada and charted at CJSW in Calgary, CJSR in Edmonton, in Halifax, CKXU in Lethbridge, and other stations. Night Night Rock has been described as being “alive with heart and engery. . . you could listen to it all day” (Argue Job music blog). On Night Night Rock, Teapot Hill creates an intricate ode to romance and regret. The album is arranged as a dream sequence that explores the subconscious landscape of night. It is a folk rock record here and a pop record there, merging the influences of multiple songwriters into a unified sound.

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