Teapot Hill Night Night Rock Reviewed in the Georgia Straight

Big thanks to Mike Usinger at the Georgia Straight for reviewing Night Night Rock.

Here is the review:

Because the world is by and large a disgustingly miserable place, it’s amazing how upbeat some folks manage to be. Take, for example, the folk-rooted Teapot Hill.

September 18th, day of the Tea

So who new that September 18th would be so good to Teapot Hill. We didn't. Why so good you ask? Heres why:

  • Our Red On Black Music interview when up on their site ( Thanks Guys!
  • We were played on CBC Radio 1, along with a mention that we were playing that night at the Railway Club as part of Shindig
  • And, we won our Shindig show, making it onto round 2 (which happens in November). YAY!

All in all it was a pretty great day.


A Night Night Rock Review

We're all super stoked that our new album Night Night Rock as been getting played all over canada (even showing up on the charts in a few places!), along with the airplay we now have our first review. The wonderful folks running Argue Job wrote some really nice things about the album. Here is a quote from the review:

Sending your music away and hoping it comes back to you

With the release of the new album we did a big mailout to most of the community and campus stations across Canada. With Canada Post being so super reliable you wonder if the disks are arriving (of course it doesn't hurt to ask people if it's arrived). But, apart from asking you don't know who it's arrived to or if they've even looked at it (who can afford to pay for mail tracking?).

Teapot Hill on CBC Radio 3 ...? Yes!

We're super excited that our song Sunday Night was recently added to CBC radio 3. They have a democratic process and committee meetings to decide what gets on the air which makes it even more awesome that we made it.

Don't believe us? Check this out:

Or listen to Radio 3 here:

CD Release Party Poster

Check out the new poster for the Teapot Hill CD release party (May 18th at Kozmic Zoo - 53 W Broadway):

Sneak Preview of Sunday Night on Facebook

We have a sneak preview of a new single from the upcoming album for you to listen to and even download! All you need to do is go to our facebook page, like" us and go to the Band Page to hear the track.

Teapot Hill Live (sorta) on Abbotsfords CIVL 101.7FM

We're heading out to CIVL Radio 101.7FM in Abbotsford on April 1st to play some songs and chat. It's going to be a paired down  acoustic set, but should still be great.

Not sure when it will air but we'll will let you know as soon a we find out.


A great new gig poster - oops!

We're  excited about our show the end of February at Cafe Deux Soleils, and super excited about the poster that Zuzia designed for it. It looked soo great we enthusiastically screamed "get that poster up!"


Right after it was sent to the printer we noticed a spelling mistake in Cafe Deux Soleils. We mixed up the "e" and "u" in "deux" so it says "Duex". Ahh! Sorry all our francophone friends. Maybe the rest of the people will be too distracted by the pretty picture to notice. We were.

A Teapot Hill Photo Shoot

We had our good freind Rob come by the rehersal sapce to take some new band photos. Fun times were had by all, hopefully we got some good images too (still waiting to see these). In the meantime here are some images from the photo shoot. Photos of the photo shoot if you will.


Eva and Ryan Matt looking dreamy Rob taking some photo's Looking at photos Ryan Matt and Zuzia Zuzia

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